Medical Massage

Medical Massage

Eminence Medical mobile spa massage is the most effective massage we offer for pain treatment of a stiff neck, post leg, hip, spinal injuries, or a very tight back. Did you sleep incorrectly, over stretch a muscle, pain from an old injury coming back? Our skilled body workers have trained knowledge in coursing the body with advanced healing techniques. We have had clients who could not move the neck or shoulder because of the tightness and stiffness they feel in that area and receive instant results after minimum of three treatments. Experience the miracle of what skilled and knowledgeable therapist of Eminences Healing hands can provide.

60 minutes $139  | 90 minutes $169 | 120 minutes  $199


The Importance of Medical Massage Therapy

Helping to heal your condition and bring your body back to homeostasis is essential. You can now be relived in the thought of receiving a full 60 minute session instead of 15 minutes in the chiropractor while removing the strain of driving which prolongs the healing process of most injuries. When your body receives constant stress after any injury, surgery, chronic or acute pain, it can begin to go into a state of shock which ultimately forces your organs and muscles to work a double shift do to driving, traffic, cutting into rest hours, unwarranted movement and constantly meeting appointments. Often times those same organs will not be fed the nutrients they need to continue to flourish and heal. Today you can make a major impact on your health, life and wellness by making a choice that can reduce stress on both the finances and body. There is no better place for the body to convey this message then in the comfort of ones own personal sanctuary. Eminence Massage understands that a person being physically healthy can also impact a person’s mental health and life in a most positive way. Our intent on this web site is to provide you with a new knowledge that will open your mind and give you the most effective way to achieve better health through massage.

Eminence Massage therapists travel to you 7 days a weekMorning, Noon and Evening. Not only are our therapists interviewed and screened personally by the owner of the company to make sure they meet a high standard and qualified to provide medical massage, they also assist in doctor, chiropractic offices, physical therapy clinics and fitness centers, continue C.E.U courses to obtain integrative holistic and health care studies to provide optimum health to our clients.

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Rest easy while with Eminence you are in the best of hands.
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Medical Massage Treatments

*Medical Massage

*Lymphatic Massage

Post Isometric Relaxation- (Whiplash injuries & neck stiffness)

Hydrotherapy massage

Sciatica & Carpal Tunnel Massage

Joint Pain & Reduced Mobility Massage

Sports & Occupational Injury Massage

Migraine, Headaches, FMS  & TMJD Massage

Fibromyalgia (FMS) Massage

TMJD Massage




In Home Therapy Benefits

100% Hands on therapy

Your Home, Your Time & Your Convenience

Individual and specialized therapist

Insurance Acceptance

Full 60 minute massage session 1 1/2 or 2 hour session

Also specialize and treat Back and Disc Problems, Sleep/Insomnia, Wellness, Healing, and Prevention