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Injury & Medical Massage Therapy- Eminence Massage

Eminence Massage provides statewide in-home massage therapy services for those who require ongoing clinical or medical massage services, and for those who have special needs or disabilities. We do this through insurance when possible, and on a cash (or invoiced) basis otherwise.

We are your leading in mobile massage, pain management and injury therapy service. Our professional certified, license, mobile massage therapist arrive to your door whether home, office or hotel. We offer muscle therapy, pain therapy and medical massage treatments to help heal the body and we also accept insurances. We also offer a full optional intake form for our muscle therapy work, medical massage and injury therapy. Please fill out our ((optional)) online intake form and have the option of filling out form and printing. Once complete you can provide the form to your therapist once they arrive. Or you may enter necessary information and click submit. Your form will be meticulously scan by our medical massage managers and provided to your therapist.

We can offer our services to you whether it’s from a auto accident, sports injury or work related. Massage therapy helps to decrease pain in conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and whiplash, chronic diseases such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, you can also receive emotional benefits from massage if you have anxiety or depression. We offer 100% hands on effective therapy so you can avoid visiting expensive clinics and costly machines. You no longer have to travel to chiropractors, physical therapist, pain management or accident clinics which can prolong your bodies condition.

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