Eminence Memberships 



Gold $109 (Personal Membership)


Eminence Massages Health & Wellness Membership will bring a premier one hour spa quality massage to your door every month. You may also begin immediately using discounts on any mobile spa services we offer such as couples massages and in home body wraps. Cancel risk – free anytime.  


  • A customized 1 hour Swedish or Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Prenatal or Sports Massage each month at any location
  • 10% off all Facials
  • 10% off Body Wraps and Eminence Body Scrubs
  • Free Eminence Massage Monthly Newsletter
  • 5% Off Couples Massage 
  • Ensured wellness and health patterns in your life and well being
  • Mobile Spa Party Discounts
  • Option to Treat Your friend or love one to your free monthly massage
  • No Hidden Fees, No Cancellation Fees




Platinum $199  (Corporate Membership)


Eminence Corporate Membership offers your company a premier two hour free chair massage service at your chosen on site location each month. Advance your company to its fullest potential by improving mental clarity and productivity! Partnered corporations will also receive discounts on all upcoming corporate events and exclusive chair massage discounts for private events. Becoming a corporate member of Eminence Massage allows your company and employees to bring forth their best performance to any work environment.


  •  Customized 2 Hour Chair Massage Event Each Month 
  •  Ensured wellness and health patterns into your company’s well being
  •  Free Eminence Massage Monthly Newsletter
  •  5% off All Corporate Massages
  •  Chair Massage Discounts At Private Locations
  •  Option to separate hours on different days
  • Increase positive work environment, Improve mental clarity and productivity, Reduce adverse effects of sitting in one position too long, Lessen Stress and Ergonomics Related Injuries, Lower Stress Levels while attuning employee appreciation
  • No hidden Fees, No cancellation Fees
  • Monthly Chair Massage Can be used for Exhibits, Expos, Trade shows




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