Corporate Spa Parties

Corporate Spa Events – Eminence Mobile Massage 

Welcome to Eminence Massage! We are your leading business and corporate spa service! Eminence Massage understands that hosting an office spa day at your workplace is key to acknowledging employees’ hard work. This allows you to keep everyone enthusiastic about being part of their team. In doing so, we are able to enhance the corporate experience by engaging the senses and creating an atmosphere of acknowledgement.

Not only are corporate spa parties a team building experience. Co-workers are able to spend bonding time with each other while relaxing and de-stressing. If you are having a business merger, a trade show, a marketing event, or anything of the sort, we can also accommodate you!

As an elite mobile spa company, we recognize that prestige is just as imperative in the business and corporate world as success. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to meet your image with loyalty and equivalency. With this in mind, we can make your next office event or party a wonderful experience.


Note* At no extra cost we cater all events with optional vanilla fusion scented candles and music. Call now to book your next corporate spa event!

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