In Hotel Facials

The Cure

Finally, you can take your facial to the next level! This process includes an advanced exfoliation, deep micro cleansing, a specialized and customized mask recommended by your expertly licensed esthetician; our  mask application is tailored  to what your skin feels like it needs most in the moment, followed by a revitalizing toner and finished with an indulgent facial massage with a hydrating, mineralizing facial creams. Your now able to enjoy having the hands of a skin care specialist touch your face as you lie horizontally in a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing ambiance set up in your location, there’s truly no time like the present. Finish with a relaxing cranial massage of the scalp followed by the neck and shoulders  to have you feeing extra vibrant and extra relaxed.

30 Min   $109      60 Min  $159      90 Min $209         120 Min $259  

Gentleman’s Elite Facial

Schedule an appointment for our customized men’s skin care treatments and our trained specialists will determine the best methods to refresh your face into a healthy vibrance. Our Gentleman’s Elite Facial  includes the following no-frills treatment! Deep care exfoliation and impact aqua scrub, unsheathing to remove impurities, enzyme mask to replenish your skin’s natural oils, a second custom-blended masque with an application of a protective emollients to smooth the skin surface and encourage cell renewal. Finish with a restorative rehydration moisturizers. Because this rejuvenating facial is also for ultimate relaxation, add a signature massage and restore your body from head to toe. Were ready are you? Book your Gentles Elie facial with our best advisors today!

  • Increases cell turnover
  • Promotes skin healing
  • Helps reverse sun damage
  • Restore fatigued or mature skin
  • Minimizes the effects of razor irritation and sports-related activities
  • Reduces visible facial lines
  • Eliminate rough and dry patches
  • Delays aging process
  • Takes skin from sub optimal to optimal that will last for days

30 Min  $109           60 Min  $169         90 Min   $219         120 Min  $269  

Eternal Youth

To help you get your clearest, smoothest and most youthful skin possible, Eminence has created a whole new concept: an medi-skin process that combines the expertise of top USA dermatologist Louisa Romero with the skill of a clinically trained spa aestheticians. Rejuvenate the skin and the heart with this facial as we began with a Lymph drainage massage and advanced exfoliation of the face and neck just under the dermis & epidermis. Step 2, The Consultation, our anti aging solution treatment correction heals the cornerstones of the distinctive, highly efficient phyto-treatment that deals seriously with the issues of wrinkles, clarity, fine lines, uneven skin, dark spots, sensitive, delicate, decreased blood flow and all age related problems of skin. Step 3, Our hydrating antioxidant mask repairs your skins collogen into a more refine texture with a synergistic blend of antioxidants and nutrients that strengthen and helps skin regain elasticity and plumpness. Step 4 Complete your spa treatment with hydrating antimicrobial mineral creams to nourish your skin back into revitalization, followed by a cranio sacral scalp massage*

This Eminence Optimizer Treatment is a professional anti-aging facial for all skin types suffering from a lack of resiliency. It is well-suited for clients 45+ years old and acts like a “personal trainer” for the skin, lifting and restructuring it to correct the visible signs of aging. This treatment protects your skin against environmental damage, combats aging and reveals firm & vibrant skin. We offer this facial as our best in wellness, skin care, relaxation and stress reduction. Guaranteeing a craft that will leave you feeling young, firm, healthy and revitalized.

30 Min   $109        60 Min    $169        90 Min   $219        120 min $249  

You Complete Me – Couples Facial

The crème de la crème Couples Facial services. Our expert skin care technicians cater unprecedented results for oily, dry, combination, acne, mature or sensitive skin. We begin your facials with an advance micro exfoliation for two, a rich deep cleanse, a luxurious touch for two – facial massage, a skin analysis, finished with a his and hers customized hydrating mineral mask that will rejuvenate you both with excellent skin care results. With Eminence, you can arrange to have any side by side appointment booked six months to one year in advance. We make great things happen at any location. Are you ready to book with us, we cannot wait to see you two lovebirds enjoying that wonderful facial!

30 Min  $199              60 Min  $299            90 Min $349            120 Min  $409  


Our popular milk spa, gold/diamond facial includes a lightening treatment that gently blends and cures your skin into vibrance. This treatment features Eminence Mobile Spa Skincare’s unique “5 Progressive Purifying Steps” to Lighten, brighten and radiate! Begin with a pore cleanse that will be one of the most complete and personalized deep pore cleansing experiences that you will ever have! We include restorative derma mineral enzyme steam treatment to help break down dead cells for a smoother clearer skin, a popular nutrient recommended for all skin types that have pigmentation and brightening needs. Breathe new life into your appearance with our high performance citrus mask that carries active ingredients deep into your skin via oxygen molecules to revive even the most dehydrated and dull complexions. Eminence skin care specialist will then utilize hydrating rich botanical moistures to maintain and promote your skins optimal vibrant health, follow through with with a protective toners that improve sun spots, acne spots, brown spots and redness for an immediately noticeable improvement of your skin that will last for days! Finish with a light massage of your shoulders, neck, and face to compliment this 5 star treatment. Its time to relax and glow into a lighter, brighter and healthier you.

30 Min $109          60 Min   $159         90 Min  $209         120 Min   $249 

THE Teen-Spa Facial

THE Teen-Spa Facial by Eminence Massage is what everyone is talking about! You’re never too young to learn to treat your skin and body right! Our teen luxury spa treatment is essential in helping to heal blemishes, reduce breakouts and  control oil production. Our regimen begins with a sweet sixteenth zest pore cleanse to provide a smoother clearer skin tone, a service popularly known Nationwide from Eminence Spa Parties. Next a fruitful infusion mask to assist in repairing pigmentation problems, active acne and correct current acne marks. Finish with with a age appropriate toner, youth hydration and a facial massage to help add glow. Our estheticians will also gently educate your teen on good skin care habits, skin cleaning tips, and techniques to continue healthy and youthful-looking throughout life.

30 Min  $99        60 Min  $149      90 Min  $199        120 Min   $239  

*High Performance* Healing * Luxurious!

***Review Crystal Jenson

I found the relaxing in room-hotel atmosphere, quality of service and excellent skin care specialist Jennifer a very pleasant experience, and I feel good about doing what I can do to take care of my skin and appearance. I already looking forward to our next visit in town!

  • Professional portable mini steamer may be used with facial services
  • A briefing of the skin will be taken by your skin care specialist to custom a treatment best suitable to your needs
  • Eternal Youth, The Cure and Gentlesmen’s Elite combines the expertise of dermatologist and clinically trained aestheticians.
  • Then seal all that in with some sleep. “Your body produces cytokines, which are proteins that regulate the immune system during sleep. You have to remember that your skin is two square meters when it’s flat; your face is only a few square centimeters. Your skin is the whole body; 25 percent of our immune system is within our skin, so adequate sleep will make everything stronger against stressors, including the face, but vanity aside, it’s all about a bigger picture. Use your at-home facial as the start to treating your whole body, not just the body parts.”
  • Men whether it’s every day or every two weeks, the continuous dragging and scraping of a razor across your sensitive facial skin can cause irritation. Razor burn, inflammation, and irritation from shaving over pimples are also common consequences of shaving. That’s why a good facial will help deep clean bumps and soothe irritated skin. The combination of exfoliation, essential oils, masks, and moisturizers that an esthetician applies during your session will often address shaving’s side effects and make your skin super smooth.
  • If your complexion is in need of some maintenance and you want to transform your skin from rough to smooth, don’t rule facials out.The body’s healing process can slow down for many reasons, and factors like exposure to the sun and poor life choices will also take their toll. Facials are effective in reducing this damage through massage and exfoliation that reveals new cells.
  • Late nights will mess with your face, but a facial will fix it. Your skin naturally regenerates skin cells on a regular cycle. That cycle gets longer as you get older, leading to a duller appearance. Exfoliating your skin removes the outermost layer of dead skin. It also unclogs pores and exposes hair follicles.