On Tour Massage

Welcome to Eminence Massage, the leading mobile spa service for celebrities, stars and the elite seeking to receive mobile spa and massage therapy services back stage and pre/post concert services. Whether you’re a musician, dancer, actor, crew member, athlete or corporate team member, you are a professional who pushes body and mind to perform at its highest endurance day in and day out. Our certified professionals deliver the best quality treatments in the industry and strive to do all they can to make the lives of performers and crews more comfortable on the road. Our mobile massage therapy and spa services can be brought to any event and convey any environment. If you are on tour our advanced professionals can accommodate you whether on or off the tour bus. We fully exercise privacy, unparalleled ethics and first class dynamic services. If you have a problem that requires more specialized bodywork, Sports massage, Injury therapy for athletes, and Remedial Massage which offers a wide variety of Techniques such as Myofacial and Soft Tissue release (STR), Nuromuscular (NMT) and Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), which can be combined to suit the client and get optimal results. Prefer a male or female therapist Yes, we can accommodate you. Desiring back stage massages for all staff and performers, our chair massage services can fully cater to you? Schedule your next on tour massage or spa treatment in just seconds with certified and highly skilled licensed professionals. Elite Mobile Massage Therapists, Trained Body Wrap Professionals, Advanced Facial Specialist and Florida’s most Top Notch Cosmetologist that carry  up to par and the latest solid, portable treatment couches, massage tables and on an on-site elite massage therapist chairs.. We bring the complete spa to your environment. Unravel yourself with meditative, relaxing and luxurious experience before any A plus performance. Desiring massage after your award winning and show? Our therapist will prepare a full 5 star massage session customized to your liking and to fit your bodies needs. Wether therapeutic, relaxation and easing muscle tension, with Eminence Massage we have always got your back. We look forward to bringing our massage performance to your performance.

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