Massage Therapy

Many of us have heard of the physical benefits of therapeutic massage.  But are you aware of the emotional and mental benefits?


Massage therapy relaxes you, reducing chemicals of stress like cortisol and adrenaline, which, though they have a purpose in the harsh world of physical survival, are quite taxing to your body and your health. These fight or flight chemicals strain your adrenal glands and your endocrines. Chronic back pain, on-going stress. Therapeutic massage can help!  Massage increases oxytocin, the “harmony hormone”, along with serotonin and dopamine, which are feel good chemicals, emotional bonding chemicals.

Good circulation is all about blood supply. Your blood brings the good stuff: oxygen, nutrients, support… but there are parts of your body that are congested, constricted, and need help getting blood delivered. This is where our exceptional, licensed massage therapists can help. Massage helps resolve those constrictions, whiplash Injuries & neck stiffness, joint pain & reduced mobility, move lactic acid and waste products out of congested areas and move nourishing, life-giving blood back in. All of this translates to a healthier, happier you. Combined with exercise and a sensible policy around caffeine and stimulants (avoid them later in the day and at night), massage will also help you sleep soundly, and the benefits of good sleep are profound. An exceptional massage concentrates a voluminous focus on both your body and mind. Our gifted therapist will begin working with your physiques comfort level, sensing the depth that allows your muscles to release tension, strain and stress. We not only provide an ample amount of knowledge towards your body but our therapist ease you into an equanimity, placing stress upon your body into a state of the past. Improve your health and well being with our most advanced techniques.