Manifest into poetry, everescent the art of the human touch, to some so heavenly for simple touch, conveying the open dawn. My heart interprets its presence as love because simple connection begins in gift, to say the presence has now begin, that heart conceals and ascends to lift. Balance, escape, invite, and journey towards an elevated sunrise…. Now sunset, indulge, taste, quality, luxury and health, release each tranquility into ones peace each and seek indulgence for ones self. A light of brightness shines then blinks and falters, carried to encompass internal beauty, till midnight has nothing left. Envelope all there is to give. Divinity yet one hopeful star on the horizon set and elevated once till each coming noon.

To Eminence Massage, for all there help over the years.

                                   Poet, Eve K.

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Eminence Massage
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 45 reviews
byDenice Opanche onEminence Massage
Great Office Massage

I'm the CEO of a small business and decided to reward my employees with a massage for all their hard work this year. As a business owner and CEO myself, I can tell when a business is well run. These people came in, had wonderful customer service, and most importantly, got the job done. My people were relaxed and ready to go! If you need your worker happy, you need the people at Eminence.

byVincent B onEminence Massage
My Wife Was So Happy

Who says you always have to get her flowers? It was our anniversary and I got us a couples massage. The professionals at Eminence were so kind and helpful. It was a relaxing and romantic night and entirely worth the price. Any husbands out there should know that I recommend it 100 percent! Five star massage for sure.

byBen O. onEminence Massage

Everything feels great! I was in so much pain earlier and now it's all gone. Working as a mover for years really hurt my back but my days are that much more manageable thanks to Eminence. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

byCarrie S onEminence Massage
Spa Party!

My girlfriends and I needed a break! It was my birthday and we decided to treat ourselves. The VIP treatment we received was like no other. Honestly, the best birthday I've ever had (don't tell my husband). You gotta try it!

byAshley B onEminence Massage

I got the spa treatment from Eminence. I feel renewed! What a wonderful company with excellent service.

byMaurice O'Reilly onEminence Massage
Pain Relieved!

I was in car accident and really threw out my back. Eminence makes my days so much easier and I can't thank them enough!

byMax B onEminence Massage
Heavenly Massage

My husband got me a massage for Christmas! Best gift ever. I don't know why it took me so long to use the certificate. If you're stressed, go now!

byCarol Finn onEminence Massage
Unbelievable Stress Relief

Working from home has been really getting to me. Luckily, I can get a massage from home too! Thank you so much Eminence for literally taking a load off my back.

byMissy Tfila onEminence Massage
Stress Be Gone

I love my kids but, without Eminence, I would not be as good of a mother. Thankfully, they're here for me every step of the way.

Parents everywhere thank you.

byChad Level onEminence Massage

Far too often we abuse our bodies by engaging in poor diet, lack of exercise, and lack of meaningful and positive connection with ourselves and others. Our lives are immensely improved when we ensure that, regardless of the happenings and responsibilities of the day, we take time to retreat inwards to find stillness in ourselves. I think this company offers so much more then massage with all its greatness, there treatments are performed with the highest technical skill combined with the sensitivity of the intuitive touch and that’s only a part of the equation. The intention to heal is of utmost importance. It seems there therapists specialize in giving their all to each and every massage session. As we all yearn for connection with others, we sometimes overlook the power of a simple, soothing and comforting touch to settle the nerves of an overworked and over-stressed body. This company extends the bliss of a momentary touch to an hour long experience. I will forever remain a loyal customer.

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