Manifest into poetry, everescent the art of the human touch, to some so heavenly for simple touch, conveying the open dawn. My heart interprets its presence as love because simple connection begins in gift, to say the presence has now begin, that heart conceals and ascends to lift. Balance, escape, invite, and journey towards an elevated sunrise…. Now sunset, indulge, taste, quality, luxury and health, release each tranquility into ones peace each and seek indulgence for ones self. A light of brightness shines then blinks and falters, carried to encompass internal beauty, till midnight has nothing left. Envelope all there is to give. Divinity yet one hopeful star on the horizon set and elevated once till each coming noon.

To Eminence Massage, for all there help over the years.

                                   Poet, Eve K.

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Eminence Massage
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 94 reviews
 by Phillis
Good so far

Loved it, The date that I preferred was not open. This was an anniversary gift for me and my husband. We were able to get in the day before so things into working out well. Great therapist

 by Keishe Leminashem
Just what I needed

This was amazing, not goin going to lie, was happy they have people available services within a few days of booking. Will be calling monthly to use my membership. Im extremely happy they travel out to my area!

 by Samuel White
Wife Knows Best

Im not as young as I used to be (who is?). Your magical face masks changed the way I feel.

Seriously, y'all have a fountain of youth on your hand! Thanks again.

And Thank You to my wife, Joyce  to who bought my facial, who made my birthday extra special.

 by Akah B.
Great Corporate Massage

Wow. Just...wow. They were amazingly courteous, fun, witty, and an imaginative group. We were so relaxed at our office party. I have never felt a better day, and two people actually fell asleep on the massage beds. Good work! A+++!

 by Jamie Kohl
All I needed was a massage!

I came home one day.
Needed to unwind.

Eminence Massage was called.
Within a week, they were there.

We enjoyed a great massage experience!
I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!


 by Heloiza Camargo
Overall great experience

I thought it was a good idea to celebrate my friend's upcoming wedding, so I booked us a spa package.

We enjoyed some great massages that came to us.

It was a great experience.

I enjoyed this, as did my best friends. We would surely recommend this to anybody, anywhere, who wishes to have a great time and relax a bit! Just not to happy we were not able to get the date we wanted because it was completely booked out. It was literally 3 weeks from the date, but their customer service told me most weddings and bridal parties are usually booked two months in advance. Granted the wedding was bit last minute but still a little bothered I was not able to get the date we wanted.

 by N/A
Nailed It

The therapists that were sent to our location this past weekend we’re top notch & exceptional. Communication/custom service was impeccable. The therapists & esthetician made our group feel relaxed, comfortable, & were knowledgeable in wholistic care. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for an in-home care experience especially if you’re having a large group.

 by Sarra O.
Bachelorette Party

I love being a new mom. My baby is, of course, my world.

But pregnancy was not great for the back... And stress has certainly increased at times.

Eminence isn't a luxury for me. It's a necessity. And boy am I happy they're around!

 by The worst experience!

I booked a corporate massage for my company. We have all been a bit stressed out over the idea of returning from remote work to in-person. As my staff requested, I decided to give Eminence Massage a call.

They showed up well-articulated and prepared us for a relaxing day. Suffice to say, we are now not only healthier and happier. We are also a better team!

Thanks so much!

-Danny Bachm

 by WhiteneyBirchtree

The date I wanted had been booked out, I wanted to actually enjoy a birthday vacation and not have to go to a spa. So I figured this worked. But they didn't have my date open, I even called a month in advanced and they were full booked. The had 3 days after my birthday still open:(,. My girlfriends and I needed a break, hence forth a vacation, plus it was my birthday and we wanted to treat ourselves. The VIP treatment we received was like no other. Honestly, the best birthday vacation I've ever had (don't tell my husband). You gotta try it! Great services but I suppose you just have to reserve this company pretty early. Thats asking a bit much if you ask me;/ maybe hire more people.


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