Celebrity Star Massage

Welcome to Eminence Massage. Nations’s Leading Celebrity Star and the Elite Massage Therapy Service. Your premier and pioneering mobile massage therapy gift to all celebrities and stars who are seeking to enrich in home/hotel massage and mobile spa services. Our professional, certified dedicated, passionate and loyal license massage therapist, wellness coaches and estheticians have arrived to yachts, private jets, suites, back stages, vacation homes, resorts, closed beaches, 5 star hotels, mansions and any chosen environment that compliments the comfort of your life style. Our 24/7 on-call personal therapist are dedicated to learning the intricacies and particularities of your body and can be available at anytime to address your massage and wellness needs in a discreet, professional and loyal manner.

Ultimate Indulgence~     Star performance~        Award Winning Massage


Enhance, uplift and excell as the star you were born to be, Eminence Massage will serve you immensely. Our aim is using massage therapy and mobile spa services to guide you and your body into a state of  spiritual gratification which transcends excellence, function and mental clarity. Not only do we want to help you reach a level of efficient mental and dynamic physical balance for any endeavor in your life.  We also want to train your body and mind to respond to stressful events in a more calm, controlled and relaxed state, through our star performance massage we can inhibit any unpredictable body ache and pain along with supplying you with a emotional balance and warmth. We realize trust is the greatest reliever of any anxiety, therefore we not only optimize our touch but our therapist to be top notch, courteous and efficient at all times. Eminence Massage provides first class luxurious massages and mobile spa services towards each individual superstar, so you can not only feel but forever know its your time to shine.


Star Consultation:


Eminence Massage continues striving to be the most dedicated and high quality mobile massage and spa service that caters each stars individual needs. Our therapist will meet you with curtesy, efficiency, and professionalism. Feel free to ask your body worker for a consultation regarding your ongoing health, stress, repetitive motion, body awareness, body positioning, enhanced longevity, muscle elasticity, healing needs lifestyle, travel habits, likes and dislikes, current relaxation methods, schedule, spa taste, stress awareness, body use, injuries, stress points, and massage preferences. All that which you can comfortable convey at your discretion. Eminence Massage is dedicated to completely customizing your service the way you like it, we do not believe in a one size fits all massage and like your personality your massage is crafted with the gathered information which you provide. Our massage and mobile spa services excel satisfaction and guaranteed up to par therapeutic work.

Our body workers and estheticians are available same day or in advance scheduling just contact us directly at…

(888) 416 – 4183