Spa Party Course Waiver Form

By booking our spa party course, you understand this course is geared toward partners, friends and family members that are looking to learn techniques that can be carried on their own and practices that can be used for over a life time. This is a non-credit course. This course does not constitute completion of an accredited holistic course or ceu program. Completion of this class does not permit participants to receive compensation for any, cosmetic, skin care or bodywork practice. Eminence Massage LLC will not be responsible for group paring or paired one on one safety occurrences with facials, massages body wraps services between guest, professionals are held at full responsibility for safety and services rendered throughout out event. Clients are informed to consult a physician for any medical concerns prior to receiving or providing massage therapy, facials or skin care treatments. Eminence Spa party group course is not a substitute for medical care. Facials provided are in home regimens and geared to a look good feel good purpose, skin extractions will not be catered in services, professionals will cater steamers at on site location. It is our policy to recruit and select workers not on the basis of ability and performance, ... creed, gender, family status, sexual orientation, age, handicap, national origin, military ...  It is contractor right to end service if  SexualViolence is defined as physical sexual acts engaged immediately... (A) Fear for the person's safety or the safety of others; unsafe environmental, on site conditions, consumer/client potential under the influence of alcohol or deem unfit do to observed contraindications. All sessions are geared toward relaxation and tailored to your groups specific needs. Guest will remain draped for most of the course and undergarments and swimsuits may be worn if preferred. Charts will be passed out at events. Services catered out side must be provided in a shaded area. Adequate spacing must be provided for event setting. Attending guest must be 18+ children can not participate in services and must be kept at a safe distance of spa stations.

By signing this form you agree to terms and use of Eminence Massage LlC Spa Parties Courses.

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