Spa Party Body Scrubs

 French Vanilla Latte Brown Sugar Scrub

Lay back and relax while enjoying our exclusive, specialized enticing french vanilla scrub, welcoming your body into an enchanted organic oasis, designed to entice your senses and rejuvenate your skin. While listening to relaxing music, let your thoughts wander while the skin absorbs the revitalizing mixture rich in protein, coffee beans essential vanilla extract and café cocoa minerals. This oxygenating and remineralizing  body treatment is perfect for those whom desire to be enveloped with a effervescent latte scrub among there skin. You will feel tension release as essential vanilla beans melts away every ounce of stress from your body. This is a skin smoothing concoction that invigorates the circulation while nourishing the skin for a radiant complexion.

Eminence Oceanic Sea Scrub

Ever dream of being pampered thoroughly. This Japanese sea salt full body scrub combines the richness of an exfoliator and aromatic scent of the ocean all in one. As a popular ultra relaxing therapy experience cultivated from ancient eastern practices, it provides a treatment which sends signals that respond through the nerves to balance and calm the bodies correlating systems, not only physiologically detoxifying, but will re-mineralize your body as it nourishes dry depleted skin. Before your body can accept moisture, dead skin cells must be removed, the focus of this treatment will first be exfoliation, then we will completely hydrate and nourish the body with earthly minerals, trace elements and french botanical that will take you into pure bliss and while reconnecting you with your emotional and spiritual entities. As bentonite from ancient sea beds is lathered upon your hips back and buttocks we then provide a pleasing eastern reflexology massage and then place the aromatic scrub upon your feet. We believe every customer of Eminence should be treated like royalty,  and we are here to spoil you with delights.



Ice Cream And Cake Bater Body  Peel

A sweet escape for the body and soul, this deliciously scented, calorie-free, exfoliating formula gently polishes away dry, flaky, rough or dead skin cells instantly. Transform your day into a stress-free moment of pure and sweet indulgence leaving your skin soft and smooth with our vanilla icing body essence and indulging cake bater body creams. This Skin Peel was specifically design and cultivated for those who seek an enticing sense of refine relaxation and firm delightful soothing  pressure with profound, lasting effects… combine with  a powerful vanilla ice cream extract for all skin types to leave the skin moisturized. This full body peel will calm the nervous system, increase circulation, enliven the senses and help you take a peaceful journey through the Eminence Experiences.


Champagne &  Strawberry Sugar Scrub

A body scrub design for the elite…. Champagne grapes grown in the champagne region of France are combine with tantalizing fragaria and ananassa strawberries to create an antioxidant and rich scrub which stimulates the skins oxygen and nutrients. Inhale the calming and enveloping sweetness of strawberries which will completely uplift your senses and take you into a sweet paradise as the skin is kissed with the fusion of sugar cane granules of pure Saone-et- Loire. Ever dreamt of luxury and desire combine, you now have it. While dramatically improving your skin’s elasticity, firmness, we will rejuvenate your body with this rich and powerful experience leaving you walking away feeling powerful with skin sparkling, with a supple, youthful glow.


The Ultimate Scrub For Men

Never has a body scrub been so luxuriously refine. Treat yourself to a defiantly wonderful experience in your home, office or anywhere your imagination takes you…you deserve it! Created from fibrous stalks and manuka honey to first remove dead cells and other impurities that dull the natural glow of your skin, it effectively helps to restore your body’s natural texture and tone, this scrub reduces cellulite, seals in moisture, and leaves your skin defined and toned with the combination of all the qualities to delight the skins senses and please the mind. Energize the body, boost immunity, protect yourself against sun rays, and enjoy a refreshing feel as your skin is magically transformed into the finest of pure silk. You will receive the ultimate pampering treatment with your skin care professional.

Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Scrub

This is an exotic exfoliation ritual which turns to lotion once you rinse, introducing a tropical temptation which is very popular in Jamaica,  also known as a ceremony of pure sensuality as coconut and vanilla been our masked over your entire body bathing you in a crown of pleasure. This island delight combines everything from “fun under the sun” to a milk and honey mixed regime leaving you feeling as though you were laying upon the island itself. An opulent and exotic scrub excellent for immediate skin suppleness, smoothing, softening and Shea butter to leave your skin moisturized, it includes a facial pressure point massage, de-stress neck and scalp and shoulder treatment. Welcome yourself to the land of milk and honey, may your skin forever experience happiness.