On Set Massage

Eminence Massage is Florida’s leading Event On-Set Massage Service. Our massage therapist professionally movie sets, work places, corporate event hosting, corporate sponsoring, company spa parties, private parties and back stages elite massage therapy and chair massage services. License chair massage therapy has become very popular for its portability and capacity to offer therapeutic massage to a large number of people in a short period of time. Our full body table massages professionally accommodate all staff, including movie producers, directors, stars.  We specialize ourselves in these settings because we believe in providing the most excelling service that many movie sets, professional stadium events and private parties appreciate. We have come to understand chair massage and full body table massage is such a powerful hosting tool that many of our clients and corporate movie set members employ. Receiving our restorative movie set massage services has been found to be effective for the muscle pains, reduction of stress on set, increasing production, pampering actors, promote energy in stage managers and directors, inducing wellness patterns into all staff and providing insightful clarity to producers. With Eminence Massage we will look forward to bringing our performance to your performance.

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On Set Chair Massage $99 per hour

On Set Full Table Massage $129 per hour