Rehabilitative Massage Therapy Service

100% hands-on effective therapy aimed at getting you better, Massage therapy is effective physical medicine that can help those who have been injured in auto accidents, playing sports or while at work get back to excelling health. It not only aides the directly affected/injured areas, but it also can help the body to heal holistically and as a whole. Assisting you to get back to its’ natural state of balance, well being and homeostasis.

Sports & Occupational Injury Massage

Chronic Auto Recovery Massage

Back and Disc Problems

Sleep/Insomnia, Wellness, Healing, and Prevention

Medical Massage Treatments

*Medical Massage

*Lymphatic Massage

Post Isometric Relaxation- (Whiplash injuries & neck stiffness)

Hydrotherapy massage

Sciatica & Carpal Tunnel Massage

Joint Pain & Reduced Mobility Massage

Migraine, Headaches, FMS & TMJD Massage

Fibromyalgia (FMS) Massage

TMJD Massage