Mobile Spa Packages

Gentlemen’s Supreme Package

Whether you are beginning the day or finishing a long one, welcoming this Eminence experience in your chosen environment will bring the balance, elite, and pampering you are truly deserved. 1 Hour 1/2 deep tissue massage combine with an the Oceanic body scrub


Eminence Goddess Package

 Lay upon a soothing table, allow hushed music to volume the air and say goodbye to any stress you may have.1 hour swedish aromatherapy massage combine with a 30 minute green tea herbal wrap.


The Ultimate Leisure

Choose anyone of our delightful one hour massages combine with a 30 minute “The Cure” facial specialized to help your skin advance its self into vibrance and enlighten your body into a world of revitalization. Popular for attending that special event later or warming up to a cozy book.


Eminence Delight Package

1 hour in home facial to cleanse, entice or glow your skin into bliss, synced with a half hour massage of your choosing.


Decadence & Skin Glow Package

(Mild Skin Lightning)

1 half hour body massage combine with a half hour facial, finished with any signature in home half hour body wrap or scrub of your choosing. Best combine with the Eminence Aroma Body Glow Scrub. With Eminence you can always have it all.   With Eminence you can always have it all. Spoil yourself in delight.


Luxurious Package

1 half hour massage combine with a half hour green tea herbal wrap or any in home body scrub of your leisure. A ritual of bliss among your skin.


Pamper Me Gently

Your choice of any enticing 1 hour massage and 30 minute aromatic mud body wrap or Eminence facial inspired to shower you with luxury and elegance. This gift is yours, we’ve design it for you receive with a smile and feel loved.


Enhance & Wellness Package

1 hour in home body wrap of your desire combine with a 1 hour “The Cure facial or Glow Facial”. Eminence has all you need to receive leisure, bliss and decadent treatments in the comfort of your environment.


Heaven & Massage Package

1 Hour 1/2 Hot Stone Massage followed by a most decadent 30 minute Contour Oceanic Scrub. The most exotic
experience a person can indulge.


Contour Spa Package 

Unforgivably wonderful 2 Hour massage of choice, combine with Eminence Aroma 30 minute Oceanic Contour Scrub


Eminence Deluxe

1 hour 1/2 Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage combined with Zen Massage and a 30 minute facial of your desire. Your mind body or heart will rejuvenate and find wellness with this signature massage and zealous facial.


Eminence Specialized Package

Three 1 hour massages of your choice, customized for your body, mind and relaxation. Home, office, hotel, your location your convenience. Can be used weekly, monthly or when ever you desire.


Eminence Entice Package

Three in home 1 hour body scrubs or body wraps of your choice, design to give you cleansing, purifying and senstational treatments all in one. Can be used weekly, monthly or when ever you desire.


Gift Of Eminence Package

3 in home one hour facials of your leisure to provide you a gift that keeps on giving with Eminence Massage, desiring a facial for your teen, a lighting treatment for that special event or a surprise facial for your fiance. Even indulge and nourish yourself in a weekly facial with this package.


Eminence Platinum package ***(For Parties and Events)***

Our therapist will arrive at your chosen event or party and set up a serene and decadent massage area, where your guest can indulge chair massage, table massages, mani and pedi’s even facials and lavish out door or indoor spa services. Dark or white chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and fruit cocktails, shrimp cocktails, Eminence spa gift bags and lovely decor to awe and capture the eye, no tipping is required just allow us to provide health and beauty to your guest. Each esthetician and massage therapist will shower each individual guest with relaxation, luxury and bliss with which ever service they desire. Minimum 10 guest is required to select Eminence platinum gift package.

Eminence & Friends Package

Share the Eminence…. vacationing, traveling, touring or out with friends, take in all the city has to offer, from elegant operas/theaters , popular stadiums, invigorating beaches, clubs and casinos while being treated to a wonderfully pleasing massage. “Up the ante” by treating your friends or love ones to the bliss of truly gaining the most amazing experience during a stay that’s complimented with elegance spice and luxury. Please contact for total amount of massages desired and best pricing.

Facials and Wellness Package

Indulge as a marvelous party favor, pampering you and all your guest. The Cure, Deep Sea Mud Mask, Gentlemen’s Elite, Warming Glacial, Vip Peel, or our Popular Passion Fruit Mask. Hosting a luxurious event, entertaining your friends, family day for loved ones? This package can be luxuriously integrated into any endeavor and welcomes all who desire to lavish in beauty and wellness while receiving indulgence and bliss. Please contact for total amount of total body and facial treatments desired and best pricing.

Eminence Package of Bliss and Harmony

Yes, Eminence has all you need, choose this Eminence all over me package and mix your massages as much as you desire. We are always grateful to accommodate you. Can be a personal or event package, with eminence massage we’ve always got your back. Please contact for total amount of massages and best pricing.

Wrap Me, Scrub Me, Eminence Love Me Package

Massage, love, wrap and scrub…. your body into a world of heaven. Yes, this signature package is a wonder and gift to all, and because we are so grateful to be your number one massage company you have the choice to mix your menu as much as you like. This package is a delight for all who enjoy being pampered. Can be used as a personal package or combine with parties or events.

*Yes* A La Carte Menu

*Note certain couples massages may be exempt from packages