Mobile Sports Massage Service

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Post Sports Massage

Our therapist have a profound understanding of the bodies physiological conditions after a work out or a sports session. This massage is not only design to bring relaxation and rejuvenation, and muscle therapy but will help to clear lactic acid and other waste left behind in those muscles and joints after physical activities. Our therapist are trained to direct at specific areas of tension and any imbalance left in the tissues, reducing aches and eliminating pains that have combine do to injury, strain and stress. Our technique will also include reflexively attending to the adrenal glands which are primarily responsible for the release of major stress hormones that help your body deal with tension, surgeries, jobs, and most physical performances your body has tuned into. We lead you from sub-optima to optimal health after any sports or work out session.

60 min $129 | 90 min $ 149 | 120 min $189