Meet Our Eminence Massage Staff

 Meet Our Eminence Massage Staff

Eminence Massage therapists have a natural love for the work that they do. As their entire career depends on their passion and dedication toward massage therapy itself. Ethics, loyalty and prestige are strongly upheld by our bodyworkers therefor Eminence Massage philosophies are always practiced to the fullest extent. We are happy to welcome our massage family to you, placing you as the individual in the best of hands.


Eminence Massage prescreens each individual therapist and esthetician personally to ensure each customer receives high quality valued, and professional services. We value your time and there for strive to continue meeting your expectations with unparalled and outstanding accomodations to your liking.


Eminence Massage Estheticians are provided with highest quality and most prestigeous skin care products to treat and define your skin. All skin care products are given the most excellent and superb recommemdations. Eminence Estheticians are well advanced and trained in administering facials, advising customers on the care of skin and hair, applying makeup, aromatherapy, providing decadent body scrubs and luxurious body wraps that leave results of the most advanced and successful skin.


The Eminence Massage Therapy Professionals mission is to uphold the trust, integrity and knowledge of what massage has to offer in our health care industry with highest regard of each individuals needs.


Eminence Massage Guarantees that if our therapist is not to your liking, you can request another one for your next appointment or if you prefer a male or female therapist we are happy to accommodate you.


Eminence Massage therapist provide safe and consistent care with our medical massage. We also determine the quality of care needed while striving to define your wellness objectives and achieve tangible gains. Our focus is to alleviate muscle pain, reduce stress and tension, increase range of motion and flexibility, and even address specific injury related issues.


Eminence Massage therapist professionally and curteously can arrive to chiropractors, physical therapy clinics, hospitals, private offices, spas, gyms, and cruises, no matter what specialization or where you practice. Eminence Massage offers a staffing program that can help you by offering our service to your service. Providing affordable staffing choices to support any fulfilling event, career, office, job, or work place. We also have membership availability.


Eminence Massage therapist and Estheticians are nationally and certified skilled and license body workers and skin care specialist as well as fully covered insured and credited license professionals with coverage specifically tailored to the meet the needs of a professional health care practitioner.

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