Massage Therapy

 Massage Therapy Define

In Home Mobile Massage Therapy has as a long standing beginning. Massage itself is a highly valued holistic and wellness technique practiced across the world with a long distinguished and inspired history, beginning about 5,000 years ago. Once civilizations in the East and West found that massage could balance the body, mind and spirit. They then recorded it in ancient medical texts, and physicians soon begin to cultivate, implement and teach massage. Today our licensed and certified therapists carry on this tradition through extensive experience, knowledge and training. Because the body has a natural ability to heal itself massage can even provide a wellness alternative treatment to avoid some surgeries. It can combat cancer, and even manage diseases which are stress related. Our therapist are skilled, educated, practiced and experience in using healing, nurturing and therapeutic techniques that adhere to the best positive lifestyle practices. We provide top-quality life enhancing massages to each individual client while relieving stress, promoting relaxation, encouraging health and a positive wellbeing to others. From the very moment we are born we crave touch, as a society we can be touch depleted which sets up the foundation for low spiritual and emotional functioning. It is highly effective for the human mind and body to receive touch, creating mental assurance, security, and  emotional content. We achieve optimum health by educating each client about the body’s infinite healing capacity because we believe in our massage, our gift to heal, and our therapeutic skills.  We are grateful to be considered “the professional choice for massage and body work and look forward to the opportunity of sharing our gift of touch with you. We will help any other company that wishes to follow our path and when the time comes because we enjoy knowing that all companies are providing the most efficient and most therapeutic services around. We thank you for your kind support from all massage therapists, clients and companies who believe in massage and its healing advantages.

In home massage therapist and mobile spa service by Eminence Massage. Our professional out call certified, license, traveling professionals arrive at homes, in room hotels, houses, office workplaces, mobile spa parties, romantic couples massage, on site chair massage events, corporate massage, and even city health and wellness spa expo’s.

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