Massage Application Questions

1 This is more of a get to know you job interview, so share with me a little about yourself, so what types of massage jobs have you had in the past. Or hobbies, associations.

2. How long have you been license, where did you grautate

3 Do you have a massage table, do you have vehicle, smart phone, massage liability insurance

4 What type of massage techniques do you enjoy the most? Any special techniques, cue courses

5What type of clientele do you like to work with

6. Do you feel you have a role in the healing of your clients? any medical conditions you have worked with orany specific conditions you like to work with any specific conditions
7. Describe your ideal work environment.


8. What is your vision for yourself in the future with massage therapy?

9. Do you belong to any associations outside of massage

10. Are you a team player? Have you ever worked any spa parties or chair massage events
Do you work well with others and keep the “for the good of the company” attitude alive at all times?

11. What days and hours do you feel best working

12 how many massages do you feel comfortable with in a day,  do you have your own private practice? how do you manage stress with back to back massages, how can you  keep recharge

13. How would you deal with a fellow employee, with a non positive attitude at work, glass never full its just always empty, find there key of what makes them happy to talk about, have a kind work for proper , encourage tother employees

14. Do you work with or know how to work with any essential oils

15. Why do you want to work here?
Be specific and honest here.

16. Do you get regular massage


17. Do you have a private practice?

19. What continuing education classes would you most like to take and why?

20 what do you know about our company,  Eminence Massage strives to be a prestigious massage company, we try our best to thouroughly prescreen all of our clients, Our representatives are well trained in identifying red flags and will make it as clear as necessary in case there is any question that our services are strictly professional. We can not guarantee 100% perfect behavior from all clients, so we rely on our therapists to take responsibility for themselves and handle all situations appropriately.


22 A little about Eminence Massagenm,


23. where were you before eminence massage


24. no compete clause

Eminence Massage is a mobile spa service, we cover miami dade, broward and west palm. We provide massages, facials, body wraps. chair massage at offices and business events and take spa party events. We provide our services to homes, offices, hotels and yachts, We been in business since 2012 and we. We pay 65 per hour massage 95 per 90 minutes per massage. We pay $55 per half hour facial. $75 per hour facial $100 minute facial, $125 per 2 hour facial, body wraps and body scrubs are $30 per half hour, $55 per hour , $90 per 90 minutes

we ask that all contractors have reliable transportation, smart phone for for communication, good massage equiptment such as a table, oils, bolsters, fresh linens, sheets, top covers, music, candles, flawless candles

23We ask that our therapist Leave 15 minutes early for all appointments, this help with unexpected traffic delays, parking, front desk, parking, review new client intake form.

22. cash transitions , gratuity with other therapist,

23.  cancellinations we take must make a 10 perfect for the therapist

24If allegic to animals take allergy medicine, if space is small work with clients accommodations, you can suggest the hotel spa room in some situations. If outside in the sun request to be placed in s shaded area or indoors.

25Drapping is a must for all clients, they are usually informed when prescreen.

26Good advice before and after facials massage body scrubs should always be given.

(Facials should make clients feel like there Beyoncé, massages should make them feel like they can take on the world and body wraps/scrubs should make clients skin feel 10 years younger.

27. We contact our therapist via call and text messages, please try to have your cell phone readily available, some text will be grouped others will be directly to you

28. Products needed are fresh linens, oils(Hemp/Grape seed/Almond/Jojoba, coconut, organic coco nut oil from wholes food. tip of the towel technique


accept and declien at your lesion

29. uniform are scrubs, black or white

30. Appointment  vary depending on your location, some can be once a day, once every two days, few times a week. This should be considered a part time not a full time job

31, contraindications, can you name me a few,

32. We will try to have a Training for newer therapist by next week

33. no soliiting our clients

34. clothes not smelling to smoke, or perfume

35. cell phones are always off for appointments,

36,  no exrtractions  for facials

37. no eatting,

38, Body wraps

39. tafnocoloyy

40. music, candles


we prescreen our clients as thouroughly as possible