Worker-Sports-Auto Injury

Eminence Massage

 Welcome to Eminence Massage! We are Florida’s leading injury therapy service for chronic pain, health integration and advanced swedish, deep tissue muscle therapy. Also, we cater a “100% hands on therapy” approach at your home, based around your time and your convenience. Furthermore, we assure you an individualized and specialized experience. We can provide a full one-hour or 90-minute massage.

Effective Treatment

We use massage as an effective medicine that can help those who have been injured in auto accidents, playing sports or while at work. This aids the directly affected/injured areas and allows them to get back to optimal health. Here you can find a trusted house cleaner. Our professionals are highly-skilled and trained in assisting your body back to its natural state of balance.

This includes a sense of well-being and homeostasis.

Varying Treatments

In turn, treatments for a variety of mild to severe injuries including whiplash, back injuries, headaches, soft tissue strains and spasms come full throttle. Due to this, we also include standard massage, manual therapy, deep tissue massage, stretching, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy and/or myofascial release.

Also, we cover auto accidents, work related injuries, and credentialed sports therapy 7 days a week. That means morning, noon and evening – any day of the week. Because each Eminence therapist is interviewed and screened personally by the owner of the company, we can assure that they meet the highest standard of injury massage.


60 minutes $105  |        75 min $135 |         90 minutes $165 |       120 minutes  $195