Home Massage Benefits

You can get a great massage whether you are in a home, condo, apartment, resort, office, vacation home, hotel, chair massage or at an event 7 days a week morning noon and evening.

Eminence Massage removes the cost of gas, traffic and meeting appointments. Our therapist are always top notch, well dressed, friendly courteous and are here to provide the best massage to fit your needs. Our model is to always remember our roots and what has made us successful. To treat each client with the utmost respect. Always caring to see that he or she is given our very best professional and personal attention.

If requested our massage therapist can arrive 15 minutes early to assure we are on time, prompt and prestigious with your request. We will never honor a 50 or 55 minute session because we are loyal and will treat you with the elegance and refinement that the Eminence Massage Corporation itself is well known for. After your appointment you can therapeutically relax, enjoy a bubble bath, yoga, or even indulge yourself  in a walk on the beach. Massage being such an adverse, enlightening, and naturally healing experience, it can balance your mind and create feelings of wholeness with one self, or share this therapeutic gift among family, friends and love ones to provide blissful and life enhancing healing moments.

Massage promotes and encourages your body to be at its most relaxed state after receiving a massage, making massage as accessible and convenient as possible by bring elegance, relaxation , and the most effective massage therapy services available. We are dedicated massage specialists committed to assisting you in creating more peace and health in your body and life. Massage therapy is now one the fastest most efficient wellness treatments in the world.  It no longer  is only available through over priced spas and upscale health clubs. Today, massage therapy is offered in homes, hotels, businesses, events, suites, wellness clubs, cruises, clinics, condos, and even yachts. Eminence Massage takes honor  and pride in being the top notch priority for the connoisseur or company it services.  We believe there is nothing above your happiness and well being there for by transforming your space into your personal tranquil sanctuary, we embody you into a state of renewal infused with reassurance and bliss giving you the power to greatly improve and enhance the quality of your life.  Nurturing the need for touch is the first intent of Eminence Massage while encouraging and assist true healing within the community through the balance of body, mind and spirit. We are not a mobile massage company we are your massage company.

Craniosacral Therapy

Myofascial Release

Chakra Balancing and Energy Work

Lymphatic Draináge

Visceral Manipulation


Chronic Back Pain

Migraines & Headaches

Whiplash Injuries & Neck Stiffness

Joint Pain & Reduced Mobility

Need for touch

Improves Sciatica or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Treats Sports & Occupational Injuries


Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD)

Treats Fibromyalgia (FMS)

Simple Touch

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