Hotel Masseuse Miami

Hotel massage Miami, Ft lauderdale, West Palm Beach leading Welcome to your  leading mobile spa service. You’ve traveled, journey and voyaged, now let us bring the relaxation to you. Our mobile massage and spa services convey any hotel or suite in the lovely Florida areas. Escape away into our therapeutic bliss with decadent massages, enriching facials or one of our luxurious body treatments that will leave you stress free, relieved, pampered and spiritually grounded. Our certified license top notch providers of in-hotel therapeutic massage and mobile spa services can arrive at your door ready to provide up to par services. Desiring a decadent facial in the comfort of your home today? Schedule your next service within seconds. We have innovated the means of providing luxurious massages. Our therapist and estheticians are proficient in traveling to you and creating a pleasing ambiance, catering elegance and transcending you into a state of peace and luxury. Your services will always be coursed with kindness and consideration. Customized to fit your desires, personalized schedule, time and needs. Our mobile spa service removes any worries of driving after a body wrap, pressures of meeting massage appointments on time and interacting with a multitude of people in a unfamiliar surroundings which may deplete your service of its healing, tranquil and relaxing benefits. We recognized that a spa service should be a wonderful and pleasant experience therefore we are continually striving to be your affordable and first choice for all of your spa services and relaxation needs. Our look good feel good facials include advanced exfoliation, deep cleansing, a specialized and revitalizing treatment mask along with an indulgent treatment that includes extended facial massage and a soothing essential creams which target your individual needs. Included with a soothing massage of the face and scalp for a soothing and mineralizing experience. Our tantalizing body wraps open pores , draw impurities, detoxify and tone the skin, enhance smooth ens, texture, and deeply purifying the body and spirit. Our treatment is well known for its healing properties and very high concentration of minerals, the Dead Sea has mud has even offered users relief from aching joints, stiffness, weight loss, skin problems and other toxic ailments, Eminence body scrubs effectively helps to restore your body’s natural texture and tone, helping to reduce cellulite, seal in moisture and leave your skin defined and toned with the combination of all the qualities to delight the skins senses and please the mind, with a selective menu of choices. Energize the body, boost immunity, protect yourself against sun rays, and enjoy a refreshing feel as your skin is magically transformed into the finest of pure softness. If you desire pain management massage, muscle therapy work, medical massage or injury therapy please fill out our optional online intake form below. You have the option of filling out form and printing. Once complete you can provide the form to your therapist once they arrive. Or you may enter necessary information and click submit. Your form will be meticulously scan by our medical massage managers and provided to your therapist. This will assure your expert body worker will have examine the form and arrive with complete supreme knowledge of your necessary in hotel massage treatment. Our therapist cater to all forms of massage therapy this includes relaxation and meditative massage. All massages, facials body scrubs and body wraps can also be combine to enhance your spa experience. Our expert therapist will bring portable tables, fresh linens, creams, mini steamers, brushes, facial mask, facial scrubs, cucumbers, dead sea mud, silk wraps linens, candles, oils, aromas, meditational music and set up your personal sanctuary to your exact liking. We envision a experience and wellness service which will transform your hotel room  into a soothing paradise of relaxation by bringing our oasis to your oasis. Whether business or pleasure, we will cater elegance that centers and brings relaxation to your stay. To our dedicated concierge, Eminence Massage invites all hotel & resort concierges to call on us any time a guest inquires about in-room massage service. Our licensed massage therapist and estheticians are available short notice, same day availability and accept appointments six months in advance. We understand your dedication and loyalty to your guest in your hotels and we are here to conveniently and professionally extend ours.

You may ask your concierge to set up the appointment or contact us directly at:    **(888) 416 – 4183**