Group Spa Party Tutorial Clasess

Group spa party classes are a innovated hands on course between spa party guest and Eminence professionals, they are design to connect you with clients on a whole new level. So if your tired of those conformed appointments being booked through Eminence we have innovated something special just for you. Specialist, depending upon their trade; will work with groups of 4 – 10, possibly more if booked, lightly providing massage, facials and body treatment tutorials to those attending event. Therapist may print out our a muscle chart, meridian chart, skeletal chart and or reflexology chart. You may also print the  step by step body treatment or facial guide for guest.




Massage Team:

Massage Therapist hosting event are advise to briefly describe the larger muscles of the back, hips and legs. Please remember to use an attendie for demonstration purposes. Inform guest of the muscular anatomy and the best placement of their hands to provide provide effleurage, petrassage and tapotament. Feel free to address minor contraindications at your discretion and the benefits of using Eminence Massage for future purposes. Tutorial should last no longer then 5 – 10 minutes, you will then allow guest to partner up and practice on each other. 

Remember to have energy, have fun and enjoy a all new therapeutic experience while getting paid for your time. (SALE-SALE-SALE) Our goal is to increase exposure to the Eminence Massage brand and name.



Facial Team:

People want to know how facials can improve their well being and can change there lives forever. Skin care specialist, enjoy your time while informing your group the best self governed in home facial along with worth while company treatments, they can receive with one call to Eminence. Services will render no extractions, cutting, microdermabrasion as we are to always stay in accordance with each states law for on site spa care. Facials are all look good – feel good experiences. You will demonstrate a simple cleanse, preparing in home steam using microwave, may demonstrate with professional steamers if available, however client must use only in home steam methods, mask creation, massage, toning advice and moisturizing advice. Remember to get creative as you like and have fun with guest. Allow 15 minutes of leisure time to guest to practice facials on them selves or each other.



Body Scrub Team:

Our scrubs are a treat for both consumers and professionals.  -Body scrub group tutorials will be catered at specialist leisure, please prepare and perfect your technique prior to arrival. Remember to breath life and fun into your group. Encourage members to get hands on with a attendee. We expect you to provide a detail body scrub tutorial that should last up to 5 – 7 minutes. When complete you can have every one pair up and practice their new found technique on each other. We usually recommend and extremity or two or if client desires we can cater their full back.


Tips for sessions:

Briefing on contraindications, body scrub should be distributed upon back in a small amount with massage then on front to avoid to much salt spread over table, once complete client must be turned over while adhering to draping techniques and begin with extremities. While keeping the allowed time of service in mind, you may also use scrub gloves with moisture if your hand become sensitive and or irritated during treatment. Professional may apply treatment to one extremity at a time and soon work the body as a whole. Scrub clients skin softly in circle, this will not only cleanse but help also to improve blood circulation, over rougher areas (elbows) scrub more vigorously, once scrub is applied remove with the hot damp hand towels, you can even wrap extremity in plastic once you wipe it off

-When complete keep client fully draped and cocoon with towels (necessary if client/consumer is cold and keep moisture during session) ask to rinse hands and begin cranio, or reflexology work to being provided, guest may be asked to shower after.


Body Wrap Team:

Body wrap treatments are a wonder for all attending guest. professionals must mix product after arrival to clients, inform them step by step on mixing and distributing process and where they can purchase bentonite clay if they choose, ebay, bulkapotecary, vitamin shop, walmart, amazon, spa product sites etc, you may also provide sample product to consumers if enough is available. Inform clients to receive maximum benefits of there body wraps they must- Remove the toxins through regular body wraps. Drink more water to flush the toxins naturally. Eat a little healthier. Exercise often and Maintain a steady weight, even contraindication. Therapist may use glad wrap or a plastic of there choosing. Some therapist may not use a plastic at all but may choose to wrap clients in a cocoon sheet or towel method. Some therapist may prefer administering wrap product then plastic one section at a time, others may choose to apply wrap generously over client and administer massage till complete. Wrap techniques are always chosen by therapist, use good assessment to best judge what may fit both professional and clients, Inform clients of best wrapping techniques, and the best ways you feel wrap should be removed, you will be working in a group session. We advise wrapping one extremity and letting clients pair up and take turns to practice on each other.


  • Guest may wear loose-fitting, example: yoga type, comfortable clothing for the class. Guest will remain draped for most of the course and have great privacy- and modesty-protecting practices for the brief sections of the course which require some disrobing, We offer a disrobe to comfort level policy. Clothing may or may not remain on for table massage services, undergarments and swimsuits may be worn if preferred. Encourage all guest to communicate any level of discomfort to your therapist. Clothing Guidelines will also be provided to guest in person


  • This is a non-credit course. This course does not constitute completion of an accredited holistic course or ceu program. Completion of this class does not permit participants to receive compensation for any, cosmetic, skin care or bodywork practice.


  • Clients are informed to consult a physician for any medical concerns prior to receiving or providing massage therapy, facials or skin care treatments. Eminence Spa party group course is not a substitute for medical care. Facials provided are in home regimens and geared to a look good feel good purpose, skin extractions & will not be catered in services.


  • Contour Oceanic Body Scrub demo: Ingredients: Luffa, Honey, Conditioner and Salt or sugar. You may also use salt, conditioner and essential oil of choice. How to prepare: Mix honey and salt together, with conditioner the quantity of salt to add in the scrub depending on your preference, the more salt is the more bead texture. The conditioner softens and provides the skin a more luxurious feel. Honey helps to smoothen and adds moisture to the skin. It also helps to treat any wounds from acne.For dry, sensitive and normal skin (especially to reduce rough and dark color at the elbows and knees). Our popular strawberry and sugar scrub will be a combination of sugar, carrier oil & strawberry hair conditioner.


  • Bodywrap treatments include bentonite clay and jojoba or grapeseed oil, scientist believe that bentonite clay works by adsorbing oils and dirt from the skin. The theory is that bentonite clay absorbs materials by sticking to their molecules or ions. As the clay leaves the body, it takes the toxin or other molecules with it. When a person uses it on the skin, bentonite clay may have the power to absorb oils and bacteria. When they consume the clay, it may unwanted substances from the digestive tract, treat poison ivy, aid in weight loss, lowers cholesterol, removes lead and heavy metals


*Actual Spa Party Class Hand Scrub Session