Florida Work Injury Therapy Massage Service

 All injury therapy services are for chronic pain, health integration and advanced muscle therapy practices, we cater 100% Hands on therapy at your home, your time and your convenience. We assure you an individual and specialized therapist, accept insurance and provide full one hour or hour and 1/2 sessions. Massage therapy is effective physical medicine that can help those who have been injured in auto accidents, playing sports or while at work get back to excelling health. It not only aides the directly affected/injured areas, but it also can help the body to heal holistically and as a whole. Assisting you to get back to its’ natural state of balance, well being and homeostasis. This is one reason why massage therapy is a great way to complement other therapies, including chiropractic and physical therapy, which your insurance benefits will allow you to be as in tandem with massage as needed.

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Auto Accidents

Work Related Injuries

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*Rehabilitative Massage in your Home at your Convenience*