Deep Tissue Massage: Massage With A Focus

Deep tissue massage is a more specific and targeted massage therapy: often prescribed for injuries, chronic pain or discomfort.  It is regularly prescribed for sports injuries, and it can have tremendous benefit by soothing aches and restoring blood flow.


While massage therapy treats the long and short strand muscles of the human body, increasing relaxation, blood flow, and inducing a host of positive chemicals in the patient such as oxytocin and serotonin, deep tissue massage aims more selectively to work out the “knots” in muscles.  These kinks can harden over time, and create pain and inhibit blood flow.  What’s more, the body tends to have an inflammatory response to the knot.  In deep tissue massage, your therapist will gently but persistently target these knots, and eventually, relax and release them, easing inflammation and restoring blood flow.  Deep tissue massage can even treat the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, cartilage, tendon and other connective tissues.  Your massage therapist will be well-acquainted with this system, and how massage can benefit your particular injury or issue.   

Deep tissue massage, plied by a skillful therapist, can be highly beneficial for specific issues within the human body.

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