Chair Massage Homosassa

Eminence Massage is Florida’s leading Event Chair Massage Service. Our massage therapist professionally bring office, work places, corporate event hosting, corporate sponsoring, company spa parties, private parties, movie sets, concert backstage, stadium sport events and small businesses elite chair massage services. License chair massage therapy has become very popular for its portability and capacity to offer therapeutic massage to a large number of people in a short period of time. We specialize ourselves in these settings because we believe in providing the most excelling service that many corporations, small businesses and private parties appreciate. We have come to understand chair massage is such a powerful hosting sales tool that many of our clients and corporate members employ. Clients remain clothed keeping turn-around times available to all and helping to create a comfortable environment. Receiving ten or fifteen minutes of restorative deep tissue chair massage has been found to be effective for the relief of stiffness, aches, muscle pains and reduction of stress.Eminence Massage also offers Our optional holistic bamboo fusion chair massage is also a luxurious and versatile body treatment infusing the quintessential warming and manual skill of our bamboo sticks combine with hands on chair massage focusing on the muscles of the neck, scalp, arms, upper and lower back remaining clothed and relaxed in our soothing massage chairs. Offering free chair massage or bamboo fusion chair massage on-site at your convention booth, office, office party or any event raises your visibility and gives you a unique opportunity to talk to prospective clients that your competitors will not receive. Employers can have therapist arrive to there office or corporate event with class, convenience and supreme professionalism. If your an employer seeking to welcome massage to your office to relax and or invigorate your employees you have come to the right place. Because we are grateful to be your number one chair massage company we personally have pioneered our corporate office and chair massage to provide each employee a tentative and zestful massage. We are here to immensely cater to you in every way therapeutically and professionally inspired.

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