Body Wraps & Scrubs

 Ritual…. Experience the lure of these holistic treatments which are enticing sensations for pampering the mind, skin, face and body. To begin, our luxurious in home body scrubs are rich in minerals and trace elements that not only leave your skin breathtakingly soft and silky but refreshed and ready for regeneration. Each wondrous body scrub exerts a cleansing effect on the skin, with a combination of herbs, essential geranium oils and pure honey, a combination that will foster healthy skin and leave you purified. The unique and legendary minerals of our  body wrap has been known to produce relaxing, meditative and purifying benefits. It will expel the impurities and toxins of the body, leaving it nourished, revived, tighten and toned. These exotic, unique and the ultimate sublime treatments have been passed down through generations and we are happy to introduce your body, skin and spirit to an amazing escape that you will approvingly savor and cherish. We can also couple your massage with any other amazing Eminence mobile spa service at your request.