Mobile Facial Service In Ft Myers Fl

The Cure

Finally, you can take your facial to the next level. This facial includes advanced exfoliation, deep cleansing, a specialized and revitalizing treatment mask along with an indulgent treatment that includes extended facial massage. This includes soothing essential creams which target your individual needs. Furthermore, with a relaxing deep tissue massage of the face and scalp for a soothing and mineralizing experience is included.

$99 Half Hour       $119 Full Hour       $149 90 Min      $199  2 Hours



Gentleman’s Elite Facial

Similarly, Gentleman’s Elite Facial uses a custom-blended masque and an application of a protective emollients to smooth the skin surface and encourage cell renewal. Because this rejuvenating Facial increases cell turnover, it promotes skin healing, sun damage, minimizes the effects of razor irritation and sports-related activities, promotes skin healing and reduces visible facial lines, leaving the skin soothed and radiant and vital. Also, during your treatment, your hands, neck and scalp are massaged.

$99 Half Hour       $119 Full Hour        $149  90 Min       $199 2 Hours




Eternal Youth

Rejuvenate the skin and the heart with this facial as we began with a Lymph drainage massage of the face and neck just under the skins surface. Using soothing organic ingredients such as honey dip, we are able to improve clarity, relieve fine lines, and rebalance the skin into a more refine texture. Furthermore, a hydrating antioxidant mask with antimicrobial effects nourishes you into health and revitalization followed by a Swedish facial massage to sooth you into bliss. Protects against environmental damage and combats aging, revealing firm & vibrant skin. We offer this facial as our best in wellness, skin care, relaxation and stress reduction. Guaranteeing a craft that will leave you feeling young, firm, healthy and revitalized. A synergistic blend of antioxidants strengthens the skin *A favorite for loved ones or birth day bliss.

$99 Half Hour        $119 Full Hour        $149  90 Min        $199  2 Hours





Lighten brighten and radiate me, this milk spa, gold/diamond facial also includes a lightening treatments that gently blends and cures. Utlyzing brightening agents to reduce sun spots, brown spots and the redness, an enlightening cleansing treatment. Glow into a lighter brighter and healthier you.

$99 Half Hour         $119 Full Hour          $149  90 Min          $199  2 Hours





Chocolate Bella Hershey Facial & Mask

Chocolate, the potion of Gods and Goddesses, is an antioxidant that reduces the release of free radicals and delays the ageing process. It has a great influence on the dermis. This facial experience contains active ingredients carefully selected from natural resources to maintain beneficial properties of the cacao fruit, proven as an anti-oxidant. In addition, it improves the mood, releases endorphins, and enters into a state of excitation light. With our mobile spa services we take advantage of the wonderful properties of chocolate in cosmetics. Thanks to which you can now spoil in without the fear of excessive calories.

*All you need is love or more chocolate*

$99 Half Hour      $119 Full Hour      $149 90 Min        $199  2 Hours




Dead Sea Mud Facial & Mask

Exhale…come alive and explore the curative effects of our Dead Sea Mud Treatment. Inspired by global mud cultures around the world. Our tantalizing aromatic moor mud treatment is used to open pores, draw impurities, detoxify and tone the skin, enhance, smoothens, texture, and deeply purifying the body and spirit. This treatment is well known for its healing properties and very high concentration of minerals, the Dead Sea has mud has even offered users relief skin problems and other toxic ailments. Finishing with a enticing massage along your scalp, neck, shoulder massage. We guarantee results that leave your skin exceptionally soft, relaxed, smooth and glowing. You will be begging your therapist to schedule YOU another one!

$99 Half Hour        $119 Full Hour        $149  90 Min       $199  2 Hours






Enrich, Rebalance, Radiant Teen

This teen luxury regime spa treatment is essential in helping to heal blemishes, reduce breakouts, control oil production, provide a smoother clearer skin tone, assist in repairing pigmentation problems, inhibiting active acne and correcting acne marks. With a fruit infusion facial massage to help add glow to brighten dull skin. Our estheticians will gently educate your teen on good  skin care habits, skin cleaning tips, and techniques to continue healthy and youthful-looking throughout life.

$99 Half Hour        $119 Full Hour       $149  90 Min        $199  2 Hours




*High Performance* Healing * Luxurious!