Spa Party FAQ

Spa Party Information:

  • For spa parties a $50 non-refundable deposit of the total is required to hold the reservation either by check or credit card to reserve party date, time and if necessary, purchase any special requested spa equipment for your event. For reservations of 15 guest of more a deposit of 20% will be required. Cancellations for events must be made 5 hours prior to event or %50 of event will be charged to card on file.


  • An email confirmation will be sent with all the details of your desired package upon request. Once deposit is made, any guest cancellations must be made 1 week prior to event or total amount due will be charged. Parking fee’s may apply to some hotels/resorts. Always remember the spa party atmosphere is ideal for bonding, reconnecting, and having a good time. Our top notch services also offers lite floral arrangements to create the perfect spa setting. Thank you for allowing us to bring our oasis to your oasis.


  • We accommodate mobile spa services, the theme set up is provided by host of party. We will try our best to color coordinate our stations, and all mobile spa equipment with your party


  • Mani- Pedi, Massage and Facial Station requires an 5 by 6 feet spacing, table massage 9 x 10 feet, includes linens, creams, music, scented, candles, aromatherapy diffuser, portable dividers, tables & chairs needed for stations


  • Yes we can accommodate both in door and out door settings


  • Group Spa and activity entertainment stations are to accommodate guest who are not at that moment receiving a specific spa treatment


  • Each station will be provided its own portable divider coverings for mobile parties to enhance spa ambiance, you can have the option to remove dividers


  • Clothing may or may not remain on for table massage services, Undergarments and swimsuits may be worn if preferred. We encourage you to communicate any level of discomfort to your therapist. Draping will be required for all unclothed massage services.


  • All machines and equipment can accommodate in or out door settings (Please inquire about our various sizes)


  • You can book a Spa Party by e-mailing or calling us to reserve your party date. Reservations need to be made at least 1 week in advance for reserving spa parties. Changes to any packages must also be made 1 week prior.


  • Robes, slippers and spa head bands are for rental, if you and your guest desire to keep these items we can honor this with a small fee of 55 per set, you can also arrange to keep items while booking services


  • Spa technicians Parking fee’s for hotel’s & resorts will be covered by host/sponsor of event


  • For your convenience a minimum gratuity of 10% or $20 tip per professional (which ever is greater) will be added to your service, You are welcome to offer an additional amount as you see fit.


  • Credit card, checks and cash payment transactions may be accessed a small sales taxes


  • Spa technicians will arrive 1  1/2 – 2 hours early prior to event to set up stations, spa equipment and prepare your decadent spa party layout


  • Optional event planner must be booked one week prior to event date. Planner will advise event host on spa stations and locations they are best to be placed- fountains and food locations if applicable. Depending upon event, storage area to be used, advice on entertainment, furniture best to be removed-placed in home. Planner will also take pictures of location to provide the best advice for all stations and equipment. Host may be called upon directly by client if they desire to make changes to event. Event prices and payment are not provided by event planner.


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