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 Eminence Massage specializes in corporate health and wellness, company massage events, business events and professional corporate mobile spa services. Offering massage at your workplace is a key asset to any company that wants to have there employees healthy, happy and enthusiastic about being part of there team. Implementing our chair massage program is essential in reducing stress, mental clarity and productivity. Impress an office party or any company event and show employees appreciation and gratitude for teamwork and effort. For more lavish and relaxing occasions we can implement table massage and impressive spa services upon request. Eminence Massage is grateful to be your number one choice for corporate massage and mobile spa services. We cater to your office events/parties, trade show and conventions with supremacy, elegance and extreme class. As an elite chair massage company we recognize prestige is as imperative in the business and corporate world as success, there for we dedicate our selves to meeting your image with loyalty and suitably equivalency. Because we are forever grateful to be your number one chair massage company we will present ourselves professionally, ethically and well mannered. Our therapist are exuberant at  proficiently addressing each individual employee or potential customer with meticulous and thorough healing techniques using our rejuvenating chair massage. Thank you for allowing our company to serve your company. Corporate massage clients please feel free to inform us when our customized massage services are best to be provided to you. You provide the time and location at your convenience and we will specialize an ideal set up that your company appreciates and values. Whether every day or once a week we will service your company with recognition, professionalism and team spirit and yes corporate membership is available. *Optional Corporate Membership will receive there company massage services at there chosen time and location of any choice, with discounts on any major corporate event.

   Nationwide licensed and certified chair massage company for workplace, offices and corporate events. With professional qualified chair massage therapist you can host any special event or convention. We offer our chair massage services for your office party, holiday event, booth, expo, work station or any special occasion

There are many different ways to convey massage at your office, please contact us at (888) 416 – 4183 or fill out our form below and we will promptly respond and help design a event that is perfect for your company…


Events We Cater:

  • Office Events
  • Holiday Events
  • Product launches
  • Company Party or Picnic
  • Awards to your customers or clients
  • Corporate/Office Parties
  • Charity Events
  • Fair Expo
  • Exhibitor Booths
  • Special Events
  • Corporate Hospitality Events
  • Sales & Marketing Events
  • Registration Areas
  • Exhibitor Lounges
  • Trade show Events
  • Marketing Campaigns

Services We Cater:

  • Chair Massages
  • Relaxation Station
  • Rest Stops
  • Express Manicures and Pedicures
  • Express Mini Facials
  • Seated Acupressure,
  • Express Migraine Massage
  • Table Massage

Free Massages *Two very powerful words for events, trade shows and conventions*

There are 3 different pay structures for our corporate packages

  • Corporate Sponsorship: Corporate sponsorship connotes that the company pays 100% of the costs associated with the program.
  • Employee/Corporate Subsidized: Employee/ Corporate subsidize means that the company and the employee agree on a percentage that each will cover to pay the services.   (For Example Company 60% / Employee 40%)
  • Employee Sponsorship: Employee sponsorship means that employee covers 100% of the costs, the company provides a suitable space for a few hours

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*We Service All Business Offices Of Florida

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