Senior Massage Therapy Service

Eminence Massage offers 100 percent effect hands on therapy to many clients with various kinds of disabilities or special needs. We adhere to those who benefit greatly from our at home therapeutic massage services. We have worked with and have ongoing clients with health challenges ranging from traumatic brain injury (TBI), Post surgery, dementia to terminal cancer. Usually the person receiving massage in these cases has difficulty leaving the home to obtain therapy elsewhere, and in some cases may be bed-bound. Often it is a family member who contracts us, and in other cases it is a legal guardian or other kind of healthcare management agency, such as a hospice group or home health agency. As your leading massage therapy service we specialize in assisting those who require ongoing clinical or medical massage services, if you prefer a personal in home care massage therapist who can also accommodate you daily, weekly or monthly. We take pride in providing the best certified, license and meticulously screened in home professional. If you desire to have our massage services billed to your insurance we can also render our help to you. Through your insurances if you and your doctor, physical therapist or personal care consultant agree that massage therapy would help your recovery and you would benefit from the convenience of our in-home therapeutic services, please call us right now so we can answer your questions. A representative is standing by.