A shiatsu & Tranquility Massage

In Home
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Product Description

Our ashiatsu massage therapy stimulates and harmonizes the flow of “Qi” (vital energy) throughout the body and has both preventative and therapeutic affects. Our therapist integrate the ancient arts of traditional Chinese Medicine and acupressure using Namikoshi Shiatsu, Shiatsu Anma and zen shiatsu, these techniques will realign your body structurally, create balance and allow your body to heal and purify itself. During each treatment, the practitioner uses the fingers, elbows, acupressure and palms to clear energy pathways. If deeper pressure is preferred the knees and feet can be used with appropriate equipment. We are increasingly convinced that human beings should be observed in all its aspects, physical, psychological and spiritual and when one of these elements are not in balance, channeling meridians through shiatsu ayuverda art helps to heal and synchronize the body.