Reflections Reflexology Massage

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Product Description

Customized to access the healing potential in the body, we offer a sensual foot massage like to other – This massage has been studied and crafted through ancient knowledge and techniques practiced by early Chinese, Egyptians and Native Americans to remove blockage and imbalance. A special and delightful technique is applied from heel to knee helping to relieve aches, tightness, swelling, pain in feet, toes, ankles and calf muscles, while the body naturally begins to heal itself. We access pathways which retain stress, injury and even disease through polarity, relaxing you into a state of bliss. Our therapist incorporate deep tissue among the soles and pressure points along with a indulging massage. Accessing the primary principle of reflex points and meridians in the feet that correspond to each function of the body, helping to center and re-balance as a whole while improving your personal environment. We will cater everything you expect for a genuine comfort from serene muscle therapy to a well tailored service which will coarse a one of a kind holistic treatment to your health condition. Natural herbal elements are utilized to enhance the practice. Moreover, we care more than provide the best service. We are also eager to share the traditional mystery of foot massage with our customers who feel interested. Treat yourself with a rejuvenating experience with us. Share the delights with your family, friends and spouses. You will truly be amazed at the healing power within the body and the balancing gift reflexology holds, so tranquil you’ll hear waves in the distance.