Medical & Injury Rehabilitative Massage

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Product Description

Eminence Medical & Injury Therapy mobile massage is the most effective massage we offer for pain treatment of a stiff neck, very tight back, post chronic injury. Did you sleep incorrectly, over stretch a muscle? Eminence Medical and Rehabilitative Massage therapy is effective physical medicine that can help those who have been injured in auto accidents, playing sports or while at work get back to excelling health. It not only aides the directly affected/injured areas, but it also can help the body to heal holistically and as a whole. Assisting you to get back to its’ natural state of balance, well being and homeostasis. Hydrotherapy packs may also be applied if deemed necessary. This magical massage has been cultivated by Eminence massage and guarantees results that can also instantly relive the stiffness or tightness in that area. We have had clients who could not move the neck or shoulder and receive instant results after minimum of three treatments. Experience the miracle of what skilled and knowledgeable therapist of Eminences Healing hands can provide. Yes, we can also bill insurances if desired.