Green Tea Herbal Body Wrap

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Product Description

Prepare your body! While wrapped in this reparative cocoon, your skin will deeply absorb rich nutrients and minerals that are found in herbal mist and Imperial Matcha green tea. As a warm mask delivers essential minerals that are moisturizing yet detoxifying. Our ginseng and organic extracts will eliminate impurities and produce nutrients within the skin that will slim, tone and improve your over all texture. We recommended this treatment for all skin types, it is an invigorating body wrap that is rewarded for its renowned exfoliating power using organic and natural products. Once our herbal products are place upon your skin our therapist then massage your scalp and neck using acupressure techniques to relax and untighten any stiffness in these areas. The treatment will then begin to restore your skins vitality through deep cleansing and nourishment while replenishing your skin’s long-term health and welcoming immediate results which cleanse your body and health systems. A treatment that is as invigorating as it is purifying.