Contour Oceanic Scrub

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Product Description

Ever dream of being pampered thoroughly. This Japanese sea salt full body scrub combines the riches of an exfoliator and aromatic scent of the ocean all in one. As a popular ultra relaxing therapy experience cultivated from ancient eastern practices, it provides a treatment which sends signals that respond through the nerves to balance and calm the bodies correlating systems, not only physiologically detoxifying, but re-mineralizes as it nourishes dry depleted skin. Before your body can accept moisture, dead skin cells must be removed, the focus of this treatment will first be a lavish exfoliation, then we will completely hydrate and nourish the body with earthly minerals, trace elements and french botanical that will take you into pure bliss and while reconnecting you with your emotional and spiritual entities. Unveil a silken complexion with a gentle scrub body polish. Stimulating zestful skin, renewed and exfoliated. Dry dull skin is buffed away to reveal a fresh glow and satin finish as bentonite from ancient sea beds is lathered upon your hips back and buttocks. We will then provide a pleasing eastern reflexology massage upon your feet and cranio massage upon your neck and sclape. We believe every customer of Eminence should be treated like royalty, and we are here to spoil you with delights.